MINISIZER Analog Modular System

TINYSIZER´S Little Synth Brother...

The ANYWARE-INSTRUMENTS MINISIZER analog modular system.
The ANYWARE-INSTRUMENTS MINISIZER analog modular system. Click for Download Picture 237KB

Patcher´s Synthesizer Delight... Special Price 399,- Euro + Shipping

MINISIZER Measurement&Size
MINISIZER Weight& Measurement

Don't let its small size fool you-


is a complete mini analog modular synthesizer system.


It has the following features:


Extra VCA Out for Line Signals to use direct

into Soundcard and Mixer.


143 patch sockets making it fully modular with all the typical routings.

Ultra compact so it fits in pretty much in all big pockets.


Midi to integrate with modern computer, keyboards and sequencer. Unique patchmatrix design.


Special power management which improves the sound and dynamics of the filters and oscillators.

A durable alu metal case material.


Ships with approximately 20 patch cables and external power supply.


Compatible with all 1 volt/octave and 5 volt/gate synthesizers and modular systems.


The MINISIZER is a fully-contained synth with the following sub-modules:

MINISIZER Back panel
MINISIZER Back panel

1 OSC, 6 Waveforms incl. 2 Sub´s


1 Glide Section


1 Moog-style ladder filter,


3 VCAs,

4 CV-MIDI & Gate

6 Jacks for interfacing with “the world”,

24 Knobs,


143 Patch Points

2 AC/DC coupled lin/exp ctrl,

PWM, sync,

Noise generator (white)


Ring modulator

2 LFO & inverter,

1 More inverter, clipper

3 Mixer


full metal alu jacket

incl. Powersupply and 20 Patchchords


399,- Euros


Price Includes German Tax, excluding Shipping



The new MINISIZER analog modular system final print.
The new MINISIZER analog modular system final print. Click for Download Picture 220 KB

Special Thank´s To:


Estela Welsch - PCB Production

Carsten Moll - Midi Interface



They all help to develop this beautiful and masterpiece of Synthesizer :-)