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MINISIZER - The smallest Modular Synth In The World...Out of Stock...

It Is A Incredible Full Analog Modular Synthesizer That Adds RawVintage Analog Sound, Patching And Extensive Interconnectivity

To Any Electronic Synthesizer Or Modular Systems.

MINISIZER -The Final Edition, Out Of Stock...



a fully-contained System with

the following sub-modules:


1 OSC, 6 analog Waveforms incl. 2 Sub´s

1 Glide Section


1 Moog-style ladder filter,


3 VCAs,

4 CV-MIDI & Gate

6 Jacks for interfacing with “the world”,

24 Knobs,


143 Patch Points

2 AC/DC coupled lin/exp ctrl,

PWM, sync,

Noise generator (white)


Ring modulator

2 LFO & inverter,

1 More inverter, clipper

3 Mixer


full metal alu jacket with white silkscreen

incl. 15V-DC Powersupply and 20 colored Patchchords

399,00 €

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