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MINISIZER-Analog Modular Synthesizer System

Buy MINISIZER Analog Modular System, The Smallest And Complete Synth In The World.

Top Quality & Handmade in Germany

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399,00 €

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MINISIZER Modular System - Front

Don't let its small size fool you-


is a complete mini analog modular

synthesizer system.


It has the following features:

148 patch sockets making it fully modular

with all the typical routings.


Ultra compact so it fits in pretty much

in all big pockets.

Midi to integrate with modern computer, keyboards and sequencer.


Unique patchmatrix design.

Special power management which

improves the sound and dynamics

of the filters and oscillators.


A durable metal case material.

Ships with approximately 20 patch cables

and external power supply.


Compatible with all 1 volt/octave and 5 volt/gate synthesizers and modular systems.

The MINISIZER is a fully-contained synth with the following sub-modules:


1 OSC, 6 Waveforms incl. 2 Sub´s

1 Glide Section


1 Moog-style ladder filter,


3 VCAs,

4 CV-MIDI & Gate

6 Jacks for interfacing with

“the world”,


24 Knobs,

143 Patch Points


2 AC/DC coupled lin/exp ctrl, PWM, sync,


Noise generator (white)

Ring modulator



2 LFO & inverter,

1 More inverter, clipper

3 Mixer


full metal jacket


incl. Powersupply

and 20 Patchchords



Some Demo Sound´s

MINISIZER Sequenced, Click here

The MINISIZER is mostly triggered with a Arpeggiator.

It is a mix from different Sounds and Patches from the MINISIZER.

Don´t be afraid... I don´t kill my Cat at the end of the Demo :-)

MINISIZER, Modular Soundmix 1, Click here...

It is a mix from different Sounds and Patches from the MINISIZER. Including the basic wavforms, sync & a lot of other Noise.

MINISIZER, Simple Analog Setup, Click here...

The MINISIZER is patched as a normal analog Synthesizer in live mode.The  Modwheel is patched for

pitch modulation. This Demo like to show the VCO power with the internal VCF.

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